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Flipped classes

On 08 February 2019 Bulgarian Association of Networking Academies organized multiplier event for the purpose of disseminating the project “Flip your classes through multimedia enriched apprenticeship simulations and develop e-skills for VET teachers and students to enhance youth employability or in brief E-classes.

The project is funded under the Erasmus + program, Key Activity 2, Strategic Partnership in VET, 2017-1-RO01-KA202-037344. http://e-classes.eu/

 Thirty-eight teachers from 20 vocational schools all over the country were introduced to the goals of the project, the target groups, the means of the project, as well as the developed methodology of flipped classes, which shows the basis of the creation of multimedia lessons in different technological disciplines. Within the project, video tutorials on the Guide were developed with subtitles in four different languages - Italian, Spanish, Romanian and Bulgarian.

The next step of the project will be to develop 40 lessons on technological disciplines.

 The flipped lesson supposes that the teacher prepares the theoretical part of the lesson as a video material to which the students have access before coming to class. This way during the lessons, they will have more time for discussions, practical exercises, etc. Flipped classes methodology is expected to raise the motivation of the students as well as to make them be more proactive in class and reach better results.

 Teodora Borissova, chairperson of BANA presented the aims of the project as well as the main parts of the methodology and Spas Kostov from IT World introduced the participants in the event to the platform e-Classes where all resources of the project are uploaded. The materials are available for everyone to access them with user name and password and special administration access will be given to those teachers who would like to upload their materials and share them with other teachers and students.